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Uzbekistan short excursus. What Uzbekistan should be visited for

 3 мая 2016 г.

Uzbekistan short excursus. What Uzbekistan should be visited for

What can be better than having holidays in a warm country? It is only travelling to Uzbekistan – warm, sunny land with ancient history and original culture.

Uzbek culture is distinctive and diverse. For example, Uzbek music with specific sounding will surely force you to hearken to Uzbek songs. Sounds of ancient Uzbek instruments give birth to exciting mysterious music of the East. The percussion instruments are the oldest. And it is not groundless, because the basis of national Uzbek music is rhythm.

Uzbek music instruments

Such large cities of Uzbekistan as Bukhara, Khiva and Samarkand are famous for producing musical instruments. The unique instruments, made by skillful masters, can be recognized not only of exceptional timbre, but fine form of the instrument frame. Uzbek musical instruments are decorated with ornamental carving, incrustation of bones and nacre.

Today you can watch the collection of Uzbek musical instruments in the Museum of applied arts in Tashkent. The collection enumerates more than 70 pieces, made by the leading masters of the country. The instruments are sato, tambour, gidjak, rubab, sunray, karnay, nay, chang, doira, nogora and others.

You may listen to national Uzbek music in yurt camp in Nurata during travelling to the Kyzyl-Kum desert. In Uzbekistan about 75 % of land is occupied by deserts. The greatest deserts are the  Kyzyl-Kum, Usturt plateau, Mirzachol and dried-up territory of the Aral Sea – the Aralkum. More

Once the Aral Sea was the fourth in size sea in the world. But because of water intake from main rivers in Uzbekistan – the Amudarya and Syrdarya, the Aral Sea turned into the barren desert. As a result the flora and fauna of the land also changed. One half of general quantity of local mammals and birds survived. Climate within 100 km. from the first coastline underwent changes. In summer it became hotter, and in winter colder. The duration of vegetation period decreased, and drought was observed.

But in spite of ecological catastrophe travelers like to arrive in the land of the Aral and observe nature and present situation of the region. You may also book Aral Sea tour and have a fascinating and unforgettable trip within Peopletravel Company.

For those who is eager to watch and enjoy full basin of water and amazing nature around is welcomed to Uzbekistan resorts in the mountains of Uzbekistan. For today the most popular center of mountain tourism in Uzbekistan are mountains of Chatkal range. The “Bolshoy Chimgan” (Big Chimgan) – 3309m., occupied by alpinists, skiers and snowboarders, is located here.

The most attended recreation zones in Uzbekistan for guests and local people are in the mountains of Chimgan and on the shore of Charvak reservoir. In spring, summer and autumn there are many various facilities for resting. After mass snow melting in April alpinists, rock climbers and mountain tourists are going to the routes.

Thank to warm climate Uzbekistan can boast of farm products. Uzbek fruits and vegetables are not only taste but natural and rich with healthy vitamins.

Uzbekistan fruits

Many people book tours in Uzbekistan to taste Uzbek food and know tips and hints of preparing Uzbek meal. Uzbek cuisine is considered nourishing and very tasteful. And even the most fastidious gourmet will not remain indifferent while enjoying Uzbek meal.

Cordiality of Uzbek people has been always the main touristic attraction. And you will surely feel the hospitality, warm and goodness of inhabitants of Uzbekistan, if you have a trip to this wonderful country with its customs, traditions and specific way of life.

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